7 Things to Keep in Mind Before Hitchhiking

Tips For Hitchhiking in cheapest countries

Hitchhiking can be the most simple thing you can do while traveling. But while hitchhiking, if you can not sustain the rejections then it may turn out to be pretty bad for your patience. On the other hand hitchhiking is also a fun thing to do while traveling, meeting new people with a taste of their part of the story. You get to know more about them and their lifestyle, culture, ethnicity. So in this busy world of eating, sleep, office and repeat what could be a better way rather than hitting the road and making a way for yourself out of the crowd! Below Mentioned are 7 points that you should know before hitchhiking.

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  1. Know Your Sorroundings
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We always plan in our minds before we start our journey because it manages our time and money. Same as well, any smart traveler in the world would first do complete research before traveling. Our surroundings will have an impact on our journey such as the laws and restrictions of a city. In some places, when a hitchhiker travels to a place then he should offer something to the other person, and hitchhikers are expected to do too. So when we start hitchhiking we should always keep in mind the laws and restrictions of that place.

  1. A Pair is better than Threes
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Hitchhiking alone is beneficial due to self-time management and planning. A pair can travel anywhere easily, cause someone will be there to pass time with. But when it comes to three companions then people are less likely to offer seats. In return, they may suspect that it’s a gang. 

  1. Bath Everyday and Look Happy
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From the driver’s perspective sometimes people may suspect you like a runaway prisoner or convict. It will much better for you to take bath every day, look sharp and wear decent clothes. So that the first impression of the driver has to be good.

  1. Make Direct Eye Contact with the Driver
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Try to look alert and give attention to the driver. And Most importantly stay at some distance ahead of humps or crowded places.

  1. Choosing best Spot

It is the most important factor that matters for hitchhikers. If you want to get a seat quickly then you need to choose a good spot. You need to select a spot where drivers can get enough amount of time to see you and quickly judge you from your basic dressing style. This will give them a first impression, as well as they, can decide within that time whether if they want to pick you up or not. So stay away from crowded places, busy ways, and corners.

Your Spot can be in front of a hump, gas station, cafes or resting stops even at hostels or restaurants where people are always available. You can ask them about the lift and can get a chance to blend with them. Most of the truckers stop at the gas stations or sides of National Highways.

So have some patience, be positive and show your thumb straight. Tell yourself that ride will come no matter how small or big it is.

  1. Talking to the Driver
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It’s always great to have a chit-chat with the driver who is giving you the lift. This will give a chance to the driver to get to know you (which is of course you are not a runaway convict). The same also works for you too, you will get to assess the driver and what distance is he going.

  1. Always either carry a phone or a go-pro

Everyone knows that the cameraman never dies. So having a device that can help you out, in some situations where you don’t want to be in, is much better. And Lastly, give other hitchhikers a ride so that either that person or someone else in the future may give other hitchhikers a ride. This creates a positive environment and belief for the traveler’s community.

Have You Ever Hitchhiked Before or have given any lift to a stranger? and How did that worked out? Please Let us know in the comment box and Share your Experience.

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